Street Photography in Hong Kong

For street photographers, Hong Kong ranked as one of the most exciting playground in the world. The vibrant street scene is finely balanced between law and order, old and new, past and present, and the acceptable and the strange. It brings endless possibilities and opportunities. Each neighbourhood offers its own unique ecosystem, and here are some of our favourite areas to wander and click away.

Wan Chai: A vibrant neighbourhood perfect for taking shots of the Hong Kong Tram, (affectionately called the Dingding) as it meanders through the streets. The tram has been in operation since 1904, and is an inexpensive way of exploring Hong Kong Island.  One tip is to take the tram at or to one of its terminals so that you can get the front window seats on the upper deck. The nearby Bowrington Market is good for photographing market scenes as the locals get their fresh supplies. Public transport nearby: Wan Chai MTR, Causeway Bay MTR.

Mongkok: One of the best area to capture Hong Kong’s night scene and its famous but disappearing neon lights. There are overheads bridges connecting the streets in the area, and they offer an excellent vantage points of the streets below. From Mongkok, one can also explore the nearby Goldfish and Flower markets, or take a walk down Nathan Road to explore Temple Street. The Bird Garden is also nearby, but animal lovers should avoid the market as it can get quite upsetting. The Ladies’ Market provide opportunities to capture some night market shots.  Public transport nearby: Mongkok MTR, Mong Kok East MTR.

Western Market: The area around the western market has interesting Chinese shops that sell traditional herbs, snacks and medicine. What photographers would like about the area is that the light and shadows change constantly and gives opportunities for unique composition and light play. Easily reachable via the Hong Kong Trams as the Western Market Area is one of its terminus.  Public transport nearby: Sheung Wan MTR, Hong Kong Tramway Western Market Stop.

Upper Lascar Row/Soho: A walk in the SOHO area is a must for any photographer in Hong Kong. It has antiques, street murals, cafés, and temples that offer plenty of photo opportunities for people to interact with their surroundings. Notable stops are the antique shops at Upper Lascar Row that feature junkshops filled to the brim, and the Man Mo temple famous for its incense coils and beautiful interior lights and shadows. The wall murals and street art around Shelley Street will appeal to street photographers and instagrammers alike. When tired, one can pop into one of the numerous cafés for a treat. Public transport nearby: Take the Hong Kong Tramway heading to the Western Market and drop off at the Pottinger Street, Gilman Street or Western Market stops depending on the areas that you want to explore.

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