Who is The Wander Curator?

The Wander Curator is a restless soul constantly reaching out to the great wide world. He or she steps out the door to seek meaning, venturing from the familiar into the unknown colours and depths of new places with an outlook that consists of curiosity and creativity. The Wander Curator’s journeys range from solo trips in urban spaces and nature, bonding with family and friends to grand adventures or cosy romance with that trusted partner in life. These journeys bear precious keepsakes – a seashell from the Indian Ocean, a new friend’s name from another continent, serene images of time in its peak or passing, ancient myths, a sage’s last words or a song – on their own, these objects may appear insignificant, but as a curated whole, they contribute to a clearer picture and a deeper sense of self.

The Wander Curator is anyone who sees travel as a representation of life as uniquely lived. Together, we are the eighth continent and the sixth ocean. We form a community of ambassadors, a collective whose foremost attributes are open-mindedness, seeking deeper understanding and living as humanity calls.

What is The Wander Curator site all about?

The Wander Curator holds a collection of writings, stories and photographs curated from independent travel experiences. It is a labour of love initiated by a pair of married travel and photography enthusiasts, who wish to capture the visceral moments they experience during their travels, the senses that places invoke and the life of people they meet along the way.  In curating worlds and sharing lighted journeys, the blog/site aims to:

  1. Curate the moments when travel impacts us as a person,
  2. Invoke a Sense of Wonder via photographs of the whimsical, the ordinary and the unknown
  3. Inspire others to seek and explore as well, “To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life.” (from Ben Stiller’s movie, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty)

Jom see the world through our senses and lenses…even better, #jomcurate, come take to the road with us!

[jom = an informal Malay expression of invitation meaning, “let’s go!” or “come!”]