Itinerary and travel planning

With numerous travel sites offering a wealth of travel information, planning for a trip may seem straightforward and easy to an independent traveller. Nevertheless, having gone through countless iterations of trip planning, each different from the next, we recognise that it can sometimes be stressful and there are still some complex decisions to make. For example, juggling accommodation picks with ideal locations, determining the best transportation timings for an itinerary and how best to put together activities for that perfect trip.

What we offer:

1. Customisable destination itineraries for independent travellers ranging from the budget-conscious, time-starved working parents with children, couples seeking romance, adventure addicts to retirees seeking to see the world. Itinerary prices start from SGD 29.

2. Travel butler services for independent travellers who desire a greater helping hand to realise their dream trip. On top of creating customised your itinerary, we will help in other finer aspects of travel planning, such as booking of accommodations and transportation, as well as finalising activities and insurance to suit your needs. Prices start from SGD150, depending on your trip.

Keen to find out more? We will be happy to chat with you to understand your needs and what we can do for you. Drop us an enquiry here with the following details:

    • Itinerary / Travel Butler Service?
    • Trip Goals
    • Destination(s)
    • Intended trip length
    • Estimated budget
    • Travelling group profile (e.g. solo female, with elderly parents, gap-year friends)